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Have you ever imagined that …

… you open the door, let he professionally equipped, uniform-wearing cleaners in, after a couple of hours you say them goodbye with a satisfied smile, lie back in your armchair with a cup of coffee or a cold drink? … you do not have to bother about cleaning anymore? About scrubbing the bathtub, removing lime scale, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the windows? Can you imagine that once a week, or once in two weeks but at least once in a month someone does them all for you? … that you leave the spring cleaning to someone else who does it professionally and fast, because you simply do not have the necessary two or three days to do it? … that you move into your new home without having to clean everything from attic to cellar each time because everything is impeccably clean? … that after a general renovation you can leave the unpleasant task of cleaning to someone else and the only things you have to care about are your personal objects? … that you hold a party and you do not lose a whole day cleaning up the mess?

You are in the right place. We have solutions for all of them.

Many people think resorting to a cleaning service is luxury, but it is not.

We think it is just good to indulge in a bit of comfort. It is both affordable and it makes your life easier. Our company was founded to help people with their daily chores. As practising housewives we also struggle with the shortage of time or weariness, which are the enemies of housework, let alone reluctance.

Our basic principles are:

- guaranteed quality service: Only perfection makes us satisfied and we know no compromises. If you leave your home in the care of our company, we treat it as if it were our own. - reliability: all our cleaners are unblemished and with a clean record. The staff will handle the keys with maximum care, keeping them locked safely, unidentifiably for a third party. - satisfaction: if you are satisfied, we hope you will recommend our service to your friends and acquaintances.

Try us out.

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Full Insurance

We have full insurance for domestic cleaning.
If you want to see the insurance or company documents please contact us!
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