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One-off Cleaning

Your home is in need of care but you lack the time? You do not need regular cleaning service but you would like someone to clean it properly for a start? Are you happy to keep it clean yourself afterwards? Call us! This service is a bit broader than the domestic cleaning but a bit less than the spring cleaning – still there is everything you might wish. You do not need to ask for regular service if you only need help when too many challenges come together. The basic services are similar to our general domestic cleaning service offers, completed with the following services you might need:
  • - cleaning furniture from inside,
  • - cleaning windows,
  • - cleaning kitchen appliances from inside and out, etc.

For whom do we recommend it?

  • - For those who need the cleaning service occasionally.
  • - For those who manage to keep their home neat and tidy, but an unexpected shortage of time occurred.
  • - For those who only want to know what it is like to have their home cleaned by professional cleaners.

Our Work

Full Insurance

We have full insurance for domestic cleaning.
If you want to see the insurance or company documents please contact us!
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